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Dana Caples-Moore

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Dana was born and raised in San Diego, California, the youngest of 5 children of Tessie Bonner and Charlie Caples. Her Dad who owned his own cafe in San Diego is where the gift of cooking trickled into her blood. Although she develop a career at a well known airline, It was later in Chef Dana's life where she grew a strong passion for cooking, and dreamed of going to the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco . That dream came true in 2004 After graduating, She did her internship and work at the Gourmet Group, a catering company under Chef Moreno Gambia, who pushed and encourage her passion further by teaching her the art of food and setting up different celebration, from weddings to office holiday parties. Chef Dana has continued her training by sharpening her international culinary skills through traveling to different parts of the world and experiencing the connection that food always have with others. Food is the other universal language. She has traveled to Kenya, Ghana, Bangkok, Chiang Mia, BuriRam, Chantraburi and Koh Chang. Chef Dana often travels to Thailand with her husband doing mission work. This is where she learns from locals the flavor of Thailand, and the love of cooking in her wok. Chef Dana's unique life experiences is what helps her fusion of Asian and African Cuisine. As she has started this journey with her first cookbook, she is confident that many more are to come as she continues to travel and grow as a Chef

So keep your eyes open and and your appetites ready

and stay connected, because

more is on the way!!


Dana' Delights!



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